After much thought, soul searching and debating, I’ve decided to add a person to assist me at weddings 🙂 .. whether it’s to simply help me switch or set up gear, fix dresses, help with large groups, or actually photographing it’s going to be a huge difference for me and what I can provide my wedding clients,  I think this is a great step to further my passion and to provide amazing quality to my clients on their wedding day.. i’m so excited!!…

I’d like to introduce to you Rachael Conway.. she is not only a great person and wonderful friend.. she’s my best friend. She has amazing eye with photography, she understands my goals with my work, she knows my work and I feel like we will be a great team!  She also has the passion to learn new things,  she thinks outside the box and I find that an amazing quality to have for someone working next to me. She will be training to shoot weddings with me this year, learning gear and light, and develop her own shooting style to give my clients the best images of their special day.  I’m very excited about this new adventure!!!  Rachael wanted to say a little something as well so here she is 🙂


Photography interests me because I will be capturing a moment that will last a life time. My goals for working with Angela Tabako Photography will be to further my passion in capturing that perfect image.


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