Second Shooting

I get to experience many weddings thru the summer.. but some I don’t get to show you!  In a photography world it’s common for second shooters to not use the photos they take, in fact most don’t even see them at all at the end of the day. I think for some that might be hard to grasp,  I do believe that you have to be 100% ready to let that go, and just enjoy the day and love what you do and capture some amazing memories.  At the end of the day for me, I give my cards to the person i’m working for, and feel confident I have just handed them my best work. It’s so fulfilling and I will continue to do so.  So sometimes, second shooters are allowed to use some photos, it’s rare for me so heck yeah i’ll appreciate that 150% when I get the opportunity.   There’s just something about taking photos as a second shooter that I really enjoy, I not only get the candid photos, I don’t have the pressure on mu shoulders that I know I also get as a main shooter.  Main shooters are responsible for much more, so it’s kinda relaxing as a second, and it’s fun for me to help out! I’ve worked with  many amazing photographers, and I love each and every one, I wouldn’t change a thing. One of those is Callie V.  so here, check out a wedding I helped her out with, enjoy!


2017-01-05_0001 2017-01-05_0004 2017-01-05_0003 2017-01-05_0002

2017-01-05_0005 2017-01-05_00062017-01-05_0007

2017-01-05_0008 2017-01-05_0009 2017-01-05_0010 2017-01-05_0011

2017-01-05_0013 2017-01-05_0012


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