Woodbury MN Wedding

I am very thankful to have been working for some amazing photographers over the past year and a half!  This spring I helped with a wedding for Callie V. Photography, her work is amazing, and I enjoy working with her. It’s nice to feel a great connection and feel a great flow of a wedding day! I just love being on the side and getting the extra’s for couples/main shooters, in a documentary style, it’s fun, and I feel like I really get to see the true love unfold in front of the camera being on the side. I look forward to working with Callie again! Go check out her amazing work Here: http://www.callievblog.com/  Her facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Callie-V-Photography/164519176896510

enjoy these extra shots I got for Callie of the day ❤


2015-05-29_00022015-05-29_0003 2015-05-29_0004 2015-05-29_0005 2015-05-29_0006 2015-05-29_0007 2015-05-29_0008 2015-05-29_0009 2015-05-29_0010

2015-05-29_0012 2015-05-29_0011

2015-05-29_0013 2015-05-29_0014 2015-05-29_0015 2015-05-29_0016 2015-05-29_0017


2015-05-29_0018 2015-05-29_0019 2015-05-29_0020 2015-05-29_0021 2015-05-29_0022

2015-05-29_0024 2015-05-29_0025 2015-05-29_0026


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