Mothers Day Giveaway 2015| Pine City MN Photographer

……..One of the best gifts you could give a mother, is photos of her and her children together…..

It’s a great feeling to look back at our photos of our babies growing, all of the milestones captured day after day, we wonder where time goes!!  Soon our babies are young adults, and they want to see photos of what mom looked like too..  We notice mom isn’t in as many photos, because mom is the one behind the camera!  So lets give her something really special.  Lets give her a photo session with her children, lets capture her love for her babies, so not only she can look back, but so can her babies, moms deserve to be in front of the camera too!!

Here’s how to enter your Mom, Grandma, Wife, Sister, Best friend, or even Cousin :

~ Send me a photo of her, with a number between 1 – 50 to :
          tell me what inspired you to send it, and what impact this wonderful woman has made on your life.

~ “LIKE” angelatabakophotography on facebook

~ Share the post on facebook and INSTAGRAM!!  Give other moms a chance to win too!

The number drawing will take place May 6th, 2015

If more than one of the same number gets drawn, all those moms will be give the session!

There will be NO voting!!  Please do not send professional photos.


What does this special mom get??? She gets 7 digital images,  from a 45 minute session!! OR a mini 4×4 book, her choice!

The sessions photos will be placed on social media (facebook, instagram, & blog), so the only thing I ask in return is the model release to be signed.

Here are just a few photo examples I took of some amazing mommies their babies/children ❤

DSC_0101-2BW DSC_0153BW DSC_0282bwBW DSC_0691color-2BW DSC_0728color-2BW DSC_0749bw-2BW DSC_0755bw-2BW DSC_0954bwBW DSC_6732BW DSC_7182-2BW DSC_8971BW



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