Learning, trials, errors, final product | Video Edit | Pine City MN Photographer

Photography is an endless journey of learning.. it’s been said by thousands of photographers that when you stop learning, you stop growing.. even the biggest names out there, still learn something every day, or reach out to learn new things, whether it’s techniques, lighting, gear.. you name it.. the list will go on for miles.. I love sharing when I learn knew things. I mean, why not share it you know.. this is my journey.. i’m capturing YOU, why not share that i’m learning better ways to capture you! I don’t want to hide it, I don’t want to pretend like I just know everything already.  Because I don’t.  These little things i’m learning,  i’m proud of doing so.   So part of this years journey for me is to capture more emotion. I was looking back through a lot of photos I took this year.. on my page, and what I blog.. and I feel like I don’t show images that show the most real emotion. I have no idea why.. but I have been thinking, and maybe it’s because a real, raw emotion is something to be afraid of.  Sometimes it feels like it’s breaking boundaries.  Like maybe i’m not supposed to capture something like that.. .. well YES.. yes I am.. and i’m going to pay attention to it more.. I have photographed many weddings this past year, and even looking back on those.. there is TONS of emotions captured. Did I show it.. no.. sadly I didn’t show that.. not even in my blog posts.. why?? again, because i’m a bit scared. I’m scared i’m going to reveal something in someone that maybe they didn’t want the world to see.  But I have learned that my sweet clients have hired me.. they have hired me to not only capture the day/event.. but to capture these emotions too. I’m letting down my guard.. and i’m going to not only purposely capture these emotions more.. but to SHOW more..   so heres to learning, trials, errors, growing.. and final product, I can’t wait to share more! ❤

Since i’m learning to capture emotion in a different way right now..  I had my little girl sit in front of the door.. with a fan. She has been trying to get over this crazy headcold.. she’s been miserable. I wanted to capture her deep feeling of wishing it would just be gone. She hasn’t wanted to wear cloths, she’s clingy, and crabby..  when I started to edit these, I thought maybe I should record it.. there are a couple mistakes I made and it took longer then I normally would edit an image, but why not show that. It’s about learning. I’m not an expert at lightroom.. but I do the best I can with what I do know!   I shared this on my facebook.. sadly facebook only let 1o0 people see it.. no matter how many people actually get to see it.. i’m determined to get it “out there” for anyone who does want to watch it..   So here’s a couple photos.. and a video of me editing one of them.. enjoy! and thank you for following me on this amazing journey, please feel free to join me ❤

Emotion from angela tabako on Vimeo.

I've been learning knew techniques, and finding emotion in my work. I decided to record myself editing so I can not only look back on what I did.. but so I can show my raw file from start to my finished product with mistakes and all










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