Pine City MN Wedding Photographer | Michelle & Charlie Engagement

Charlie and Michelle are such a cute couple.. not only are they so free spirited, I can truly see how deeply in love they are, from the random high fives to the tender cheek kisses they are really the perfect fit for each other. I cannot wait to photograph their big day next September!!

You are getting married, please tell us how you met?

We met in high school but didn’t start dating until junior year of college. Charlie sat behind me in math class in high school and bugged the crap out of me. He was so annoying! But over time I thought he was the coolest person ever and I wanted to be one of the cool kids so we started to hang out a lot. We had a flirting relationship for years. We talked about dating our sophomore year of college but we wanted different things so I started dating another guy and Charlie ignored me during that entire relationship. The day I broke up with that guy Charlie FINALLY texted me and we lived happily ever after 🙂



How did he propose?

Short story: On the beach in Hawaii at sunset!

Long story: His mom, dad, brother, brothers girlfriend, me and Charlie all went on a trip to Hawaii to celebrate Charlie’s parent’s 25th anniversary. We spent a couple days on Oahu and then went to Maui for the remained of the vacation. On the first night in Maui we had dinner reservations about a block down from where we were staying and so the family decided to go down to the beach to watch the sunset before dinner. We got down to the beach and I thought each couple was going to go to their own part of the beach to have a romantic moment with their significant other before dinner. So, Charlie and I went over to this rocky area and sat on the rocks and watched the sunset. I was taking pictures talking about how beautiful it was and Charlie was super quiet. He eventually said something along the lines of, “If I were to ask you to marry me what would your answer be?” (He had been asking me that questions for about a year and I always gave him the same answer), I told him he would just have to ask to get his answer. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said yes and he put the ring on my finger! It was the correct finger just the wrong hand. When I said yes we were both so nervous that I just held out both hands because I wasn’t sure what hand it went on so I let him figure it out. He put it on my right hand and I didn’t think anything of it so we took pictures with the ring and then I was like, hang on, this feels weird. So he googled on his phone what hand it goes on and then we switched it to the correct hand. Then we met up with the rest of the group that hadn’t moved from the spot we left them at and went to dinner!




What is the wedding date?

September 19, 2015

Where are you getting married and why did you choose that spot?

We are getting married at the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, MN. We are getting married there because it’s a 30 million dollar mansion that is so beautiful. Also, because someone was murdered there, we like weird stuff like that.

((by the way guys, i forgot to tell you there is an old military cemetary in jay cooke park.. you’ll have to go back there and check it out! talk about spooky!!))



What helped you decide the date to get married?

We decided on Septermber 19, 2015 because we wanted a fall wedding without having to deal with cold temperatures. We wanted the leaves to be changing colors and warm enough so that we didn’t have to wear jackets.



Where are you both from and what impact do you think It’s made on your life?

We are both from Burnsville, MN. We went to the same Junior High and the same High School and went to college about 10 miles from each other.

Tell me the best day of your life as a couple so far?

The day we got engaged, obviously!



Do you have a favorite song you both stop and enjoy? Wake me up by Avicii or Bleed it out by Linkin Park

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Go garage sale/bargain hunting! We love a good find!


If you both could meet anyone, alive or deceased, who would it be!?

Mine would be Princess Diana. I thought she was the most elegant woman on the planet and she really cared about people and didn’t really focus on the title of Princess. She had no flaws even with the world constantly watching her every move. Charlie’s would be to meet Bruce Lee. He would love to be Bruce Lee with Bruce’s talent and skills. Charlie just watched a video on YouTube of Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nun chucks and he said it was the coolest thing ever!



At the end of the day, what do you most look forward to? Falling asleep next to him. Charlie works overnights so I’ve learned to really value just falling asleep in his arms. I get really excited when he doesn’t have to work a night and all I want to do is go to bed and just cuddle and enjoy each other’s company.




How did you find Angela? And what made you choose her to be your photographer?

We found Angela online and we picked her because she had everything we were looking for on our wedding day. Another major reason why we picked Angela was because we felt the most comfortable around her and that was very important to us. If we weren’t comfortable around the photographer the pictures would reflect that and we wanted our pictures to look natural and not staged. We originally didn’t want to do an engagement session and she was the only photographer that said that we should because it will get us comfortable around the camera and around her and we never thought of it like that. With our meeting with her we felt like she would go above and beyond what was asked of her and we felt like we could trust her to do a fantastic job on our wedding day.


What was your favorite part about your session?

Our favorite part about our session was how much fun we had. Charlie and I were having fun messing around and Angela joined in and it was just a fun relaxing experience.

And last.. tell us how your most favorite image in your gallery makes you feel and which one is it?

 Our favorite image was when we were sitting on the rocks and there was so much fog behind us all you could see is fog. It was so foggy that day! But we loved it because it made our pictures very unique. It was a pain climbing up those steep, slipper rocks but it was totally worth it.

((thank you Michelle and Charlie for answering these.. you brought tears to my eyes more then once!  you two are amzing ❤ ))



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