Pine City MN Engagement Photographer| Jeremy & Ashley

I have known Ashley for a couple years now.. I was so happy to meet her beautiful girls just hours after their birth for their freshly born session. I’ve photographed for their family a few times over the last couple years, and I just have to say that i’m so excited that they get to finally say “i  do”..  Sometimes it’s just the way life come, God gave us our paths and you can clearly see that they are on the path they were given. When you know someone is meant to be together, you can feel it, you can see it. So here’s a big congratulations to Ashley and Jeremy.. This June is going to be amazing, and I can’t wait to capture your special day for you! ❤

You are getting married! Please tell us how you met?

We had went to school together since the 4th grade. It wasn’t until high school we talked for the first time. We actually didn’t even like each other lol.. not until our school had a dodge-ball game and I was sitting alone when Jeremy came to sit next to me.. then we talked through the whole thing. When it came time to go he asked for my number and email, we talked every day as much as we could for months! Then he one day showed up to my choir concert.. and the rest is history..



What is the Wedding Date?

June, 13 2015


Where are you getting married, and why did you choose that spot?

We are having our ceremony at the First Presbyterian church in Pine city, we chose this because we wanted a small wedding and it seemed perfect!


What helped you decide the date?

It seemed like the most available date for all of our family



Tell me the best day as a couple so far..

The days our 4 children were brought into this world are equally the best days of our life’s ❤


What is your favorite thing to do together?

Crab leg date night!!



If you could meet anyone, alive or deceased who would it be?

Jeremy’s grandpa, a man so important to Jeremy, who everyone talks to highly of. Bill Engvall is who Jeremy would like to meet.. lol!


Describe your most significant goal that you have yet to achieve as a couple?

To own our own business


At the end of the day, what do you most look forward to?

Crawling into bed and watching our favorite TV shows together when kids are in bed!


How did you find Angela? And what made you choose her to be your photographer?

We met her at our son Camerons preschool, when I was pregnant with the twins. She does beautiful work and is a friend. I couldn’t imagine another person capturing our special day.


DSC_7929bw copy

What was the favorite part about your session?

Throwing snow at each other!!!

(yes that happened lol)

      DSC_7997 New folder


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