Pine City Mn Engagement Photographer | Paul and Anni

I was so excited to photograph Paul and Anni’s engagement session in JayCooke State Park.. it’s been years since I’ve been up that way!   The trees and the colors were absolutely amazing.

These two are such a cute couple! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding day in April next year!

You are getting married, please tell us how you met!

Paul had seen me around campus at the college we attended. Through a mutual friend, he got my number and texted me to ask if I would help him in our online Abnormal Psychology class. Being completely oblivious to his actual plan, I took all of his online tests for him while he quietly worked his way into my heart.



How did he propose?

I am a nurse and had a very difficult shift at the hospital. Knowing he needed to cheer me up, Paul took me for a drive to look at houses, one of our favorite things to do at the time. After getting some fresh air and dinner, he bought me my favorite movie and we went home to watch it. As I’m lying on the couch in my pajamas, with hair and makeup a mess, waiting for him to start the movie, he comes into the living room with his hands behind his back and a dorky smile on his face. He asked “pick a hand.” Expecting chocolate, I picked his right hand. All of the sudden he was on one knee, in our living room, proposing! He said he knew he needed to make it a complete surprise, when I would least expect it and let me tell you, it worked!

(omg seriously^^^i love this!!)


What is the wedding date?

We will be getting married April 11, 2015.


Where are you getting married and why did you choose that spot?

Our ceremony will be at a church in Two Harbors, MN and the reception at Superior Shores resort in Two Harbors, MN. I grew up in Silver Bay, MN near Lake Superior and always pictured getting married by the lake.


Tell us the best day of your life as a couple so far?

It’s pretty easy to say the day Paul proposed has been the best day of our lives as a couple so far. But there have been many close runner ups such as the day we bought our first puppy, Macy, or the day we closed on our first home. But soon our favorite day will be April 11, 2015!



Do you have a favorite song you both stop and enjoy?

When we first started dating, Paul was quiet and reserved. I never quite knew what he was thinking. One day he sent me a text with the recording of the song Happy Together by The Turtles. The lyrics were absolutely perfect and I knew exactly how he felt about me without him even saying a word.





How did you find Angela? And what made you choose her to be your photographer?

My friend Donna and her fiancé Bret had their engagement pictures taken by Angela. After seeing their pictures on Facebook, I instantly fell in love with Angela’s soft, romantic photos. One quick email and we booked her!







What was your favorite part about your session?

My favorite part of our engagement session was how easy Angela made it for us. As awkward and reserved as Paul and I were with her, she never faltered or showed her frustration with us. She was able to break us out of our shells and try things we would have never thought of trying. And the photos turned out amazing!






And last.. tell us how your most favorite image in your gallery makes you feel and which one is it?

Our favorite photo is the one of Paul lifting me up on the bridge. The bridge is absolutely beautiful and Angela was able to capture the sheer joy and love on our faces in that moment. Every time I look at the photo I just get that goofy, lovey smile on my face again.

I’m pretty sure that one is my favorite as well.. just love it… thanks again you two.. big ((hugs))  ❤


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