The Storm that sends reminders… | Pine City MN Photographer

When you witness mother nature in person you gain a respect you never had. This wasn’t even that bad honestly compared to other storms and disaster around the world. It’s still absolutely a reminder of how powerful mother nature can be tho, and how quickly weather can change. Our power went out for a while after this.. we sat with our flashlights, glow sticks, and candles playing games and talking.. the kids gone to bed it finally returned close to 9 pm.  It’s also a reminder of what our lives revolve around.. when you take something away that seems so basic, you have to face what are you left with. Every day around the world there are people living in poverty with none of these basic necessities.. this really does remind me to keep praying for those people, and appreciate what we have.  I had to stop what I was doing more then once to take in this thought. When you are faced with situations like this, what are YOUR thoughts? I’d love to here.. tell me about it in a comment.






And then the sky started to clear for a while.. the sun blasts through the clouds as if to push it away..leaving these breathtaking colors.




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