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I was sitting here thinking the other day.. and I thought to myself, i’m not really that great of a writer but I want to keep blogging! lol.. I take these photos of amazing people, and I get these small glimpses into their lives that I somehow capture in my head, but I can’t get them down on paper when i’m blogging their sessions.. ever. I’ve actually tried many times! It just never seems to come out quiet right. But I really wanted a way to share this little bit I capture along with the photos I take. So I came up with some questions and I asked one of my recent clients, Donna if she would be willing to participate. She joyfully said yes and sent me back my “interview” questions. I’m really excited to share this.. because I could see the love between her and Bret.. just seeing them through my viewfinder while I was capturing their engagement session I could see a very special connection, and what better way to share that side of their story through photos, and then to have them tell their story as well. I’m very excited to share this! ❤

Donna & Bret

You are getting married, please tell us how you met?

The summer prior to eighth grade I moved to Braham with my family. We met at the Pie Day street dance that August, but didn’t get together until the fifteenth of September in our freshman year of high-school.

What is the wedding date?

August 22nd, 2015!

2014-08-07_0002 2014-08-07_0001

How did he propose?

Bret is a very sneaky fella! I had found a ring that I absolutely loved around Christmas of 2013. I brought him in to see it (and how it was on sale!) but he made it seem like I would be waiting a long time for it! On February 14th of this year we went on a beautiful date to Bellisio’s in Duluth. We enjoyed fine wine and delicious Italian cuisine! Afterwards we weren’t quite ready to end our great date, so we ventured to the mall to walk around. We decided to go to Barnes & Noble, which is when I crossed paths with the wedding planning books. I wanted one SO bad! Bret told me to buy one, to which I responded with something like “You don’t buy that until you’re engaged!” After our trip to the bookstore we wandered around the mall and Bret asked me if I wanted to go to Zales. I was appalled and told him that you absolutely do NOT go into a jewelry store on Valentine’s Day!  That was about the time we concluded our trip and went home. We were in our room with the dogs when our roommates asked me to come down and take a photo of them before their date. When I returned to the room, the door was locked! He asked me if I wanted to come in and then continued to say “this wasn’t how I planned on doing this” and such. When he opened the door he was on one knee with a ring in his outstretched hand. I stared for what seems like an eternity and then I started to cry. I eventually remembered to say yes (I think?!). Either way, it was the best thing I ever could have asked for. It wasn’t somewhere fancy and elaborately planned and it happened to be on a holiday all about love, which really isn’t Bret’s style! I was so caught off guard and SURPRISED, which is hard to do with me! Bret claims he wasn’t planning on proposing until Summer of 2014, but he couldn’t wait any longer and had to do it!

2014-08-07_0003 2014-08-07_0004 2014-08-07_0005

Where are you getting married and why did you choose that spot?

We are getting married in Braham and having our reception at the new banquet center. Initially we went to look at places in Duluth and on a weekend trip to visit our family we decided to check out the new center. I remember saying I would keep an open mind, but truly I was set on getting married in Duluth. After walking into the building our jaws dropped and we KNEW we had to have this as our venue!

 What helped you decide the date to get married?

We knew it was going to be the summer of 2015, so I asked Bret which month he would like to choose and we went from there. After he chose August I went through and looked at all the Saturdays of the month. For some reason 8/22/15 stood out to me and we chose our date as easy as that!

2014-08-07_0006 2014-08-07_0007



Where are you both from and what impact do you think It’s made on your life?

Bret has been in Braham basically his entire life, whereas I moved around a bit growing up. Once my family got to Braham, though, we settled in and stayed! Living in a small town is truly wonderful and I feel that it made us better people as we grew from pre-teen to adult. I can’t really explain it, but it really made an impact on us and how we grew as individuals and as a couple.

 Tell us the best day of your life as a couple so far?

This is tough! We have been together for almost 7 years, so we have had quite a few fabulous days together! Other than the day we got engaged, I think one of our favorite times together was when we traveled to Florida. It was our first big trip together and that in itself made it great!


2014-08-07_0008 2014-08-07_0009 2014-08-07_0010

2014-08-07_0014 2014-08-07_0015



What is your favorite thing to do together?

We love going to one of the many parks in Duluth to enjoy the outdoors. We don’t get to do it as often as we’d like, but it will always be one of our favorite things to do. Nothing beats escaping the busy city life for an hour to relax and unwind!

If you both could meet anyone, alive or deceased, who would it be!?

Bret wants to meet Chris Farley because he’s funny and thinks it would be entertaining, but I’d like to meet J.K. Rowling (because she’s fabulous!) or Betty White (no explanation needed!).




 Do you have a favorite song you both stop and enjoy?

This is an embarrassing question, mainly because our answer is ridiculous! We both like different music, but there are some songs we both really like and get into! “Get Low” is a favorite to jam out to in the car (blame “The Proposal”) and “Turn down for what” is something we love to watch the music video of because it’s hilarious! We also enjoy NORMAL songs together, but there isn’t any that really stand out.


2014-08-07_0023 2014-08-07_0027 2014-08-07_0026

Describe your most significant goal that you have yet to achieve as a couple?

Becoming parents is something we both look forward to. Once we’re established in our jobs we can’t wait to start a family!

 At the end of the day, what do you most look forward to?

We enjoy putting our feet up, watching Netflix and just being with each other. We also like to snuggle our puppies!


2014-08-07_0025 2014-08-07_0024 2014-08-07_0030 2014-08-07_0029


 How did you find Angela? And what made you choose her to be your photographer?

I actually came across her at the wedding fair hosted at our reception site! She had beautiful photos and seemed like an awesome person! We got a great deal on a full day package that we couldn’t pass up so we booked that day!

 What was your favorite part about your session?

Saying funny things to each other while taking photos! I think it helped us get some of our favorite shots!

And last.. tell us how your most favorite image in your gallery makes you feel and which one is it?

Do you know how hard of a question that is? Angela took so many beautiful photos that it is SO hard to choose just one! We love the shot of us in the grass at park point beach quite a bit, though. The black and white version is fantastic!


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