Steven ~ Freshly Born | Pine City MN Photographer

This little man was born during one of our last huge snow storms this year.  The storm was so bad a lot of roads were just simply being shut down. The layer of ice was at least 2 inches thick under about 12+ inches of snow, so even on a bright sunny day, and 32 hours after this little one was born, my trip to meet him was quite interesting! Thankfully it wasn’t that far!  Steven and his mamma were released at the 24 hour mark from the hospital so I was actually really happy to meet them in their own home. I LOVE when hospitals do this. It really lets mom and baby heal and bond together without the staleness of a hospital.  I love how this session kind of turned into a typical lifestyle newborn session. I barely touched him.  I do find it very important that I do not touch such new baby’s, this is kind of my own little rule. Especially when they are breastfeeding or in the hospital still.  If you haven’t heard me mention before.. these “freshly born” sessions are perfect for families wanting great images of their baby in the first 48 hours of life. It’s a great alternative to Birth photography because you still get very new and detailed images of your new little baby.  I hope you enjoy this session.. if you want to see more, don’t forget to follow me on facebook, and you can also find me on Google+ now! (images look tons better on google+)












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