Amelia Turns One | Pine City MN Photographer

This year has flown by, I really can’t believe our little girl is 1 now. she has grown into this little person that is just amazing. You can already see she has a caring gentle personality. And sensitive lol She’s very curious, and get’s into everything. She’s been walking since 9 months, so with her getting into everything every day is filled with chasing her and seeing what she can get into now lol… she watched me put away the mini marshmallows the other day after taking some of these pictures.. and guess what.. she got into them.. it only took 30 seconds and the whole bag of them was dumped on the floor as she was sitting in it shoveling them into her mouth lol..  I think she is like her brother walker.. he will do just about anything for a marshmallow 😉  Well, i hope you enjoy these, I added a lot, but at the same time I didn’t. There are lots that I figured I  should skip over lol   first year birthdays are so important.. we took Amelia to the hotel for swimming, and then her cakesmash, and her little party here at our house… Thanks again everyone for helping make her birthday a very special one ♥


2014-03-14_0005 2014-03-13_0007 2014-03-13_0003










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