Pine City Photographer | The “why”, by Angela Tabako

It’s the slow season.. maybe it’s not slow for all photographers, but it is for me right now. So I decided I need to put my brain to use, and get to work with marketing, and learning more about the business side of being a photographer. The courses I’ve been reading are all very interesting and they all start out with something similar, I’m definitely learning a lot already. But the one thing that really stuck out to me and made me want to write about it is the “why” part.

Why am I a photographer?

I can tell you that my story is not at all like 75% of the other photographers out there (throwing out a number.. it just seems high). (and no I’m not about to bash anyone) we all “start” from different times and circumstances. But most photographers now days start out getting a dslr camera for a holiday or gift of some kind.. taking nice pictures, being told how nice the photos are would make anyone think “maybe I could make a living off of this”, start a biz with less then amateur work, and think it’s going to be so easy.. IT’S NOT. This is NOT easy. And when I have been in business for a few years and see other photographers around me lowering prices that tells me something is seriously wrong.. seriously wrong and I highly doubt they even know their “why”.. because why on earth would anyone undercut themselves that much.. anyways..back to the point.

I’m 32 years old this year.. My journey started when I was really young. I’d say about the age of 12. My dad used to get the National Geographic magazines and I remember looking at them over and over again, even picking out favorites and taking them out and putting them up on my wall in my bedroom. Little did I know that I was actually studying.. I was learning how to have the “eye” for photography, learning composition, exposure, and even color. I remember when I was in 8th grade my brother took a photography class, and looking at his black and white images, I thought they were really neat.. I wanted to do that too. I was super excited to be be old enough to take that class finally in the 12th grade. I don’t really think I knew my “why” then.. I just wanted to make beautiful work, so maybe my why was just for me at the moment.

Fast forward to about 4 1/2 years ago. Going from something I only did for myself, I started to photograph friends and learning more and more, I seen other photographers photographing babies and creating these beautiful images with posing and props, I thought to myself I could totally do that!!.. and I learned.. I made myself learn as much as I could, tho I know I don’t specialize in just newborn photography, I do have a passion for it, and I love every minute. I will continue to learn as much as I can. I will still strive and continue to learn as much as I can, do what I can. And offer what I can. I really don’t think my “why” clicked till I started photographing Births. I wasn’t photographing for me anymore… I wasn’t fulfilling this need to just make a pretty photograph. I was actually documenting. Documenting REAL life. Now I’m looking at my work, in amazement.. I’m thinking, sure I’ve been documenting all along.. but the “why” wasn’t in my face, but now I see it. These families I’ve photographed are amazing, and unique. Each family has their own vibe. Their own story. My “why” for them, is to be able to document their babies first breath. A very first breath.. something you only do just this one time, and maybe your own mom and dad don’t see it happen. So innocent, so pure. My “why” now is to capture those moments so their children can see themselves in this state when they grow older, this state of purity and emotion. So when the parents grow old they can show their grandchildren.. when you document moments like this, and look at the photographs, you can remember the smallest details of your life like the weather that day, the smell of the air, the way you felt when you woke up that morning, maybe even what you had for breakfast. These are REAL memories. REAL memories. So that is MY “why”.. my why for you. When anyone wants me to photograph their family.. I don’t just click the camera button. I have invested time and thought and emotions into every single one of my sessions. I could sit and tell you a long story about each photograph I’ve taken. I don’t because I fear the public isn’t interested in that. I might change that.. I shouldn’t have to hide my “why” for you. All my clients, past and future, your the ones that drive me to be a better Photographer. To be a better person, mother, business woman, wife… YOU are why I’m a photographer


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