Mother & Daughter Maternity | Pine City Photographer

What a very special blessing for the Conway family, Linda and Bre as mother and daughter were able to experience their pregnancies together. Such an amazing journey to be able to share with your own flesh and blood.  When they first contacted me about this, I just HAD to go by this water. I’ve been to this place a few times and the rocks are just amazing, of coarse with each trip there  the rocks reveal something new. When the water is low you get an amazing amount of soft round rock, something you would see strait out of a movie it seems.  At this time the water was a bit higher, and I noticed the grass along the river was like this soft luscious green pillow.  I really don’t think we could have picked a better location.. These babies are now 4 months old at only 2 weeks apart while I’m posting this.. go to Maddyson’s Birth Story, and Newborn Session to see more of Linda.  Go to Gabriels Freshly Born Session and Newborn Session to see more of that handsome little dude ♥

2014-01-04_0002 copy

DSC_8887 copy

2014-01-04_0001 copy

DSC_8884 copy

2014-01-04_0003 copy

DSC_8847 copy

DSC_8862 copy2 copy

DSC_8728 copy

DSC_8735 copy

2014-01-04_0005 copy

DSC_8768 copy

2014-01-04_0004 copy

DSC_8813 copy

DSC_8796 resizecopy

DSC_8759bw copy

DSC_8826bw copy

DSC_8801bw copy


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