Newborn Casting Call!

It’s spring, and inspiration is in the air!  Liz and I had a great thought, we have so much inspiration right now with the changing season, we got the idea to do a casting call, and get some newborn models to team up and photograph.  We’ll be photographing at her location in New Hope, we have not picked a date, but will once we get our little models. Two will be outdoors, and one will be indoors, of coarse all weather is permitting, we will not be taking babies out doors if it’s under 80 degrees.   We are looking for babies under the age of 14 days old. If you are pregnant, and wish to nominate your baby in advance that would be great too!  A model release must be signed, and you’ll receive 4 images from each of us as a digital download to print as you wish, where you wish.   I can’t wait for this, not only do I get to photograph with a good friend, I get to meet 3 new little babies!

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