Pine City Mn Photographer | Photog Meetup!

I’ve been incredibly blessed, to find such amazingly talented women so close to me. Funny story, we all met online in a group forum for photography. Learning how close we actually live to each other, after about 3 years, we finally decided “let’s meet up!”  🙂      Learning and growing with our talent together for the last couple years, it was so nice to put faces to names. I now have had Erin photograph my maternity/family session for me, Dorthy who has been one of the best friends you could ask for.   We have photographed for each other for weddings and have helped with other session for each other as well, and we also only lived 10 miles apart!  Liz has helped me with newborn sessions and senior sessions at locations, and Katie who will be photographing my birth in just a few short weeks. Each one of these girls I hold dear to my heart. If they know it or not, I would not be where I am with my photography today if it was not for them helping me along the way.  they gave me criticism when I needed it, helping me get through rough spots, helping me find inspiration, and giving me courage to move forward with my art.  It was so nice to be able to chat, and do what we all love to do together for just a short time. I Cannot wait till we get to do this again!  And a big thanks to my good friend Melissa for letting us photograph her pretty little girl Taya on this day.. enjoy 🙂


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