Happy Holidays!

It’s been a wonderful year. I’ve experienced some amazing events from births, to milestones and special occasions. I’m so thankful to have been a part of each of my clients lives for just that moment in time to document their memories.   We also know some horrible tragedies have happened, and this has made me embrace my children, and my life even more. We are also holding on to a lot of memories of loved ones we’ve lost this year. My dear grandpa passed, and it’s been heavy on my heart. Also Johns Grandma, we are celebrating christmas in her traditions this year to carry on many years she was here on this earth, a whole 97 years old!  I really do cherish every single minute I have here on the earth, and want to remember all the little things in life when I get that old.  While I edit my clients images, it’s not hard for me to decide which ones to edit. I give them all a chance to be seen really. I simply can’t leave anything out! But I find that I do leave out a lot of my own children’s photos. I have told myself that just because the photo isn’t perfect, does not mean I won’t appreciate it later in life.  So I’m going to start adding all my kids photos as well when I edit. I usually only edit a small amount of theirs,  I feel like I deserve the same treatment I give my clients. So even tho I sent out my christmas cards already, and only edited those images, I went back yesterday, and went through ALL the images.. and edited as many as I thought were more workable. (As in, in focus) because those are usually the only ones I pass by. So here you’ll see some of the funny faces my kids make, just being themselves. I only wish I was able to be in the photos as well. thankfully I have hired a wonderful photographer, Erin, to photograph my family, and my pregnancy in just a few short weeks so we can finally have some photos of us together!

I want to thank each and every one of you for the generous support, and love you’ve offered me through this year.  Photography is my passion, and I  can’t wait to start the new year with a whole new journey with it, and my family.   I wish everyone happy holidays, and prayers to ones who are grieving. May peace be with you all. ♥

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DSC_8534 copy


DSC_8545 copy



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