Rylejean | Pine City Photographer

Ryle was the easiest 2 year old I think I could ever photograph!  With her high functioning vocabulary we had a blast! I think I only got 2 crabby faces the entire time, and it was quick to be happy again. Usually kids are pretty nervous of me and it takes a long time to warm up, not this little one, she wanted to do everything with me lol. It’s a great honor to have been chosen to be her Photographer. Ryle is a special little person in so many ways. I had her mom write a little something about her..

On December 24, 2009 I went into labor not knowing because this was my first child and I wasn’t due till March. I went to the hospital to find out we where having Rylejean that day 2.5 months early. We had no clue the adventure was just beginning. … she was brought down to the riverside NICU right away.  I had to stay at Fairview Lakes so I only got to see her head while they worked on her.  One of the nurses took a picture of her to have while we were apart. I was able to call and talk to her nurse, and my husband went down the next day. Christmas morning I was alone in my hospital room,  I told my family to do their traditions and they would be by later.  My phone rang, I answered it.. they asked if I was Ryejean’s mother, then proceeded to let me know it was the NICU cardiologist and that my daughter has a hole in her heart that would not heal on its own. She would need open heart surgery… this time they didn’t know when.  As our stay went on we had lots of ups n downs, we were able to come home in March to let her grow after many home visits and Dr visits.  Her surgery was scheduled for July 2010 . That day came, and it was the longest 10 hours of mine and my  family’s life.   The Doctor’s had some complications, but the surgery went well.  When we were able to see her, I dropped to my knees because she look lifeless. We were in the hospital for another 2 week’s.  We finally got to go home and heal.  After many more doctor visits, that brings us to today, we have a happy healthy little girl full of life!. I felt really bad for not getting professional pictures done of her before this, but life was more important!  So happy with how they turned out!
Rylejean has a hundred angels watching over her♥ Thanks again for choosing me to be your photographer♥


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