In Memory of My Grandpa Sonny | Minnesota Photographer

On May 19th after many years of pain and suffering, my grandfather finally let go and proceeded into the afterlife. I’m very sad to see him go, he has helped shape me to be who I am, and the way I live my life. He may never have known that, and perhaps no one else does either. I share many many of the same qualities as grandpa did, including photography. I think I’m a lot like my grandpa in many aspects, but our crafting abilities are so similar, grandpa always found something he was interested in and then perhaps got bored and moved on to another craft just like  do!  But each one he was very good at.. for instance, when I was about 8, he loved to find this rare wood found in the Nevada desert and make carvings. I remember a particular one, a dragon.. when I got older I never did see those again, he’s also made some Native American crafts, and loved the Kokapelli man from the western Native tribes.  Some of the last crafts my grandpa did was quilting with my grandma, and making bird houses. Many of my family have these big beautiful birdhouses he made, he even made my dad a huge one for his pond, it has a very pretty water wheel. Gluing and nailing each and every tiny little piece, I wonder what was on his mind during those long hours. During my visit to say good bye to him, spending time with family my Aunt came across and old Minolta camera. Kind of a junk item at this point. You might find one at a garage sale for like 3 bucks. But back in the day it was a great film camera! I don’t remember seeing any photos taken with it but I’m sure grandpa got some great shots with it. The actual camera is not repairable, it’s a bummer. But thankfully, if some of you remember, I like to freelens.. being able to freelens gives ME a great opportunity to use the 50mm 1.7 that came with that old camera because it does not fit on my Nikon! So yesterday after watering my flowers, I though it was a good opportunity to try out grandpas lens. I’m sure he would be amazed that I could do this!!  I will miss my grandpa, and all the things he used to do, I’m so happy that even tho I can’t use his old camera, i can still put some of his things to use. Enjoy these photos taken with Nikon D7000, Reverse lens Macro with Minolta 50mm 1.7



There was something about this photo that drew me to convert it to a black and white, and yep, I love it!


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