Oliver’s Home Birth | Duluth Birth Photographer

As I make my journey more and more into birth photography, I’m learning more and more about all aspects of birth, and what each session “feels” like. Each birth is incredible on it’s own and sometimes things go a certain way because there is no other option. Maybe not so perfect according to some, and others with mother nature leading the way in perfection, but all perfect within themselves.

I’ve finally attended a home birth, from labor thru pushing and then breasting feeding. Each moment was a magical moment and just fell into place in a perfect order. I watched Angie in the most intense pain a mother can endure, I watched her fear her labor, and then suddenly see her take control to push a perfect, round head out of her body then suddenly rest enough to yell for her other children to come and attend the rest of Oliver’s birth. This control came out of no where! Even Jana-midwife was surprised, one minute she was afraid to push, the next minute she had so much control that she was unstoppable. One more push and baby Oliver came into the world swimming. Mom and Jana-midwife gently and slowly helped Oliver out of the water on to mommies chest, and she cried with joy, finding comfort looking into her husband and children’s eyes. What a perfect experience for the children to be a part of. What a great lesson in life, to see your own mother have such control, and bring a baby into the world. I believe when you see a baby born, you become more and more aware of your respect of life, and how much of a miracle each and every one of us are.
Bonding between mother and baby begin immediately, as he gently opens his eyes trying to blink beyond the small light in the room, he’s not seeing anyone but his mother right in from of him, as the way mother nature intended, letting all the hormones through each body develop and flow for a healthy bonding connecting, creating “love”. Sinking into his mothers chest, a natural hormone rush of Oxytocine being released in her body, she is ready to nurse her baby within 15 minutes, her natural instincts tell her she “needs” to teach her baby to nurse. As Angie lifts Oliver into his daddy’s arms there is another special bonding moment. Dave has an overflow of adrenaline, something he’s felt before with his other children, there is nothing like seeing your own child born, and he immediately falls in love and sinks into his baby’s forehead for his first ever kiss. It’s almost like he didn’t want to let him go, but knows his wife is ready to nurse their brand new baby. After getting a quick check from Jana-midwife, he then hands over Oliver to start his first precious, important nursing session ever. Oliver had it in him to suckle, he made all these cute grunting noises as if he’s telling his mom so many things. She looks at everyone in the room in amazement that her baby is communicating something, what a smart baby already.
As I see everything is perfectly falling into place in their home, I make the wise decision to let the new family have privacy and decide it’s time to go. I had all these amazing images. As I’m driving down the road, I thank god for getting me there safe, and in time to capture this special moment. Thanking the lord for keeping Oliver and Angie safe in his hands during this birth journey. I’ve left some births crying, I’ve left with a peaceful loving feelings. I can’t even describe my feeling after I left Oliver’s birth, but I can tell you I was smiling from ear to ear for my whole hour and 25 minute drive home. I slept good that night.


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