Pine City MN Photographer ~ The Winner of the Baby Bump Contest Is….

I’m BEYOND impressed how many votes came in. counting all the “likes” and comments, a grand total of 542 votes came through. That is beyond supportive, that is pure love for these mommas. Whether is was just ONE like from one person, that is still one more effort for this mamma to have beautiful images of her precious little baby. So with that…

The Winner is: Cheyenne Marie Brown !!!!

With a total of 239 votes!! I’m so excited to photograph this little baby when she arrives. Your voters won you a 250$ newborn hospital session in the first 48 hours of your baby’s life!  I will be sending you an email shortly if you haven’t gotten it already:)

So no matter what, all these mamma are beautiful, and have beautiful baby bumps. These girls had so much support through this I’m just so amazed. My whole point to having this contest, is to spread the word about this kind of session. I’m hoping to bring this more into our area here in Pine City and the surrounding cities and smaller communities.  A lot of you probably realize that I do birth photography.  When most people even think “birth photography” they think the most graphic nature..mostly since this type of session is just becoming popular.   Birth can be gross I admit it,  I birthed my own kids! so I know!, but it can also be an empowering beautiful experience. But for those parents that just aren’t ready to take that leap into the big thing, “birth photography”, this session is perfect.  I still get to be at the hospital right after baby arrives, or home if it’s a home birth, during those first few moments to capture this beautiful new creature for parents to remember.  During these big events there is usually so much going on. That sometimes we forget those little things.

So I thought and thought, after seeing so much support for these girls, I feel like they deserve something as well.  So for the other 4 girls, you MUST contact me immediately to see what this is….

Thank you everyone for all your support. Lets spread the word about Birth Photography, and  session, thanks for all the votes that came in! ♥

To schedule your Birth Photography session, or your Fresh 48 sesion, please call me at:  320-280-0288 |

I’m also a proud member of the Red Thread Sessions. This is a donation to families adopting children from all over the world. Or even segregate families. I offer any kind of session for welcoming a new member of the family. Even births:)

 Find Red Thread Sessions on facebook at:


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