Pine City MN Birth Photographer ~ Dezerae Conway~Birth Story

I have been blessed to be able to photograph for the whole Conway family, through so many life events. I’m just so honored to be the one capturing these moments for them. I knew Darby from a few years back. My lovely spouse John had not only went to school with him (and his brother and sisters) he was friends with them for years. I was contacted by Darby’s  fiance (then) to do their engagement photo’s.  So I met with Linda and Darby last year in early February to photograph their engagement session, and how fun!  Their engagement session was my first and I had fun with it! I have blog posts with all their images in it, but lets revisit a few:)

Darby and Linda made great plans for a beautiful camo wedding in the park. Llucky them, the weather wasn’t so spring like on the wedding day which was also opener fishing weekend.. The weather was cold and rainy and probly only about 38 degrees! They all made the best of it tho and their vows were completed. After a second date for formal photos June 4th, we did end up with some nice sun.. and something that leads to…

Right as we planned the second date for wedding formals, Linda announced she was PREGNANT!  WoW that was fast! lol she learned that she had already been pregnant for just a couple weeks. Everyone was just so excited for her. I did her maternity photos in the same style as the other sessions.. why be different right?, so we went to some out door locations and froze our butts off for about and hour just like we did for the others lol. Linda had such the perfect round belly.  Thru-out her pregnancy, she had a feeling that her baby would come early. Her awesome doctor kept thinking the same. Little did they know, that this little girl had her own plans.. even with all the contractions she’d been having. Not only was it quiet annoying for her, it was becoming painful, and tiresome. Tho it seemed like there was no progression, that was her body’s way of preparing for the little girl on the way..

I think for about one full week (probably longer), Linda was having contractions regularly. Timed at least 5-7 minutes or so apart with not much of any breaks. Frustrating as it was, it was not doing anything real of the sorts either. Labor had not been starting and the doctor said there was no progression with them. Poor Linda was just exhausted. Sleepless nights for days. A trip to the hospital, and no progression, they sent her home 2 days before her due date. Her due date come, and still nothing that was true labor yet.  Her doctor kept saying, “well see you next week”.  As much as Linda wanted to be induced to spare those constant contractions,  her doctor confirmed her  baby was healthy, and with a healthy mamma too there was no need for induction. He really wanted her body to do it’s thing. I’m 100% sure that he knew what her body was doing, and it just needed to do it naturally. It was seriously prepping for the real deal.  So finally one full week after her due date, the contractions hit.. and they hit hard. In fact she wasn’t sure still if it was “real” even tho they hurt bad and they felt different.  She was convinced after talking to the nurse, and telling her to come in that she would be sent home yet again, so she didn’t call me till she got to the hospital. She was quite surprised when the nurse said, 6 CM! woot! So I got the call, I got my things, and I was on my way. I arrived at the hospital about 1:00pm. Linda was a trooper for a long time. She has such a loving supportive family right there with her. Being as exhausted as she was, we kept the lights low, and she was able to get an epidural about and hour after I got there and just sat back and got some rest. Of coarse words with friends was inevitable LOL.. after a few hours of hanging out, and nice natural progression, the nurse finally said, “I think we better call the doctor. Its getting to be close here”.  We all were also watching some pretty crazy contractions on the monitor. Which was also a huge sign it was almost time. Thankfully Linda did not feel those, because it was pretty intense. So about 5:45pm, water still not broke, at 9 1/2cm, doctor “said lets break your water”. 20 minutes later it was time.. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story… Enjoy this birth story, I’ve enjoyed every single detail ♥ congrats Darby and Linda

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4 thoughts on “Pine City MN Birth Photographer ~ Dezerae Conway~Birth Story

  1. We are very honored to have had you be a part of our family’s journey, Angie! You are a wonderful photographer and I am looking forward to having you be a part of more of our family’s life events in the future! Love Linda, Darby, Breanna, & baby Dezerae


  2. OH……MY……GOD!!!! This it totally FREAKIN amazing!!!!!! I love, love it!!! AWESOME job ANGIE!!!!! I wish i could have more kids, cause Id love to capture all of this! If and when my honeybee decides to make me his forever, you are HIRED!!!!!!!!


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