Supporting Breastfeeding

~I have had the joy of photographing so many awesome sessions this year in 2011, but I think one of the sessions that really hit home for me is the Breast Feeding Support group session ran by Rebecca Fahning, of the Pine County WIC Center here in Pine City. The reason why is, I have too nursed both my own boys till 18 and 15 months, it’s devastating to me to hear of the terrible stories of moms frowned upon for nursing their babies, for what ever reason.  We have all seen the topics brought up in the news, very recently too, about moms nursing in public.  For the majority, breastfeeding is extremely supported by public. It’s getting more and more attention everyday, and that is a very good thing. But you also run into adults that may find it repulsive, (which by the way is not a good word to describe a nursing baby in my opinion) maybe some think it’s even embarrassing, or children who have no idea what to think of it because they have never seen that before…   I wanted to do this session, to help people become aware that not only is breastfeeding a natural thing that a woman should do with her child, it is absolutely the best for baby.  You can nurse your baby anywhere, and it saves you a lot of money. This is to help moms who are unsure if they want to nurse their baby or find they are discouraged for some reason, or perhaps even need help with some of the decisions of breastfeeding.  Of course there are always reasons a mom cannot nurse, some beyond our control, it’s no ones fault, and no mom should be frowned upon for giving their child a bottle of formula, you do what is best for “you”. I just wanted to help raise awareness, that a mom should be able to nurse her baby in public, anywhere, anytime.  If you are reading this post knowing you have proudly nursed your baby, for a day, or few months, a year, or even a few years, leave a comment and show your support. If you are a mom, who never wanted to nurse maybe, show support for those who have wanted to, and at least tried. Moms supporting moms is always an awesome thing.  Breastfeeding is a natural beautiful thing.  And should not be judged, just like a mom who bottle feeds their baby does not want to be judged for NOT nursing. I hope this can at least help spread awareness in my small community. Thank you to the Pine County WIC for supporting not only my work by hanging these images on their walls, but thank you for helping moms with this awareness. And a huge huge THANK YOU to the moms and babies in these images.  Remember breast is best if you can, and you can nurse your baby anywhere!

If you, or someone you know needs resources or need help with breasting feeding, or wish to attend the breast feeding support group, please contact, Rebecca Fahning at the Pine County WIC office.  (320) 216-4150



2 thoughts on “Supporting Breastfeeding

  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures Angie!! My daughter weaned herself at 9 months, but I nursed my son until 15 months and it was a special time for all of us. Women should always feel they have the choice and the right to feed their babies how ever they choose!


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